P&G Kroger SMO Office

Procter and Gamble's Kroger Sales and Marketing Team required an environmental refresh for their new offices in the P&G Towers. The team's original graphics were very limited and strictly adhered to the most literal interpretation of the P&G brand, which was typical for the time they were produced. With new branding elements and creative freedom encouraged for individual offices within P&G's Global Office, I was able to re-ignite the P&G and Kroger spacial design.

The graphics for the space had to balance the identity of both companies as employees constantly had visitors from Kroger in the office. P&G and Kroger have a long history of partnership that had to be celebrated throughout the space. All of the graphic pieces are based on a datum that guides you through the office and continues the story from wall to wall. The grid system and varying depths of the images help establish hierarchy throughout the graphics.

Three types of graphics can be seen throughout the space - graphics that emphasize P&G's brand, graphics that emphasize Kroger's brand, and graphics that reflect the relationship between the two brands. The environmental graphics help employees connect to both brands and encourage collaboration in the workplace.