Shish Wraps

Shish Wraps Mediterranean Grille is a family owned and operated restaurant in Dayton, Ohio that brings together traditional Lebanese cuisine with a modern fast–casual dining concept. They originally approached K4 solely for interior and architecture services for their new restaurant but allowed me to create some concepts for a new identity as well. I conveyed the need for their identity to relate to and drive interior graphics and marketing collateral. The design challenge I faced was integrating their Lebanese image with a modern, eclectic feel to attract nearby college students. I created the iconic flame as a distinct mark to represent the massive grill which became the focal point of the entire branding vision. Once the brand strategy was established, I applied it to environmental graphics, marketing collateral, and the Shish website.

The logo drove the look and feel of the interiors as the interiors embraced the brand colors and character. I chose to install actual grills on selected walls of the restaurant to create an authentic, robust image, contrasting the “softer’ vegetable images and pop out from the bold paint colors.

One of the key graphics within the restaurant is the plank mural. Made out of directly printing on two by four’s and applying varnish to the face, I was able to create a piece that acted as both an art installation, and a subliminal ad. All of the words found in the mural relate to the Shish Wraps branding and culinary endeavors of the family. The mural serves as a main centerpiece to entice customers in line for their meal.