The Parlor Room

Imagine a store that takes the guesswork out of shopping and easily guides customers to find the perfect outfit. A boutique that brings together the simplicity of haberdashers from the 19th Century and current trends in style. This is the concept behind The Parlor Room. The Parlor Room is a male boutique that provides information and education on all things style through signage, displays, and store layout. Each section of the store would contain a display that guides the shoppers and provides relevant content on various outfit options. 

What makes the store really unique is that displays are organized by occasion, type of clothing, and character. Different colors on the signage and displays represent separate occasions, patterns represent different articles of clothing, and descriptions help the consumer define the type of fashion different pieces portray. For example, a green sign with a gingham pattern will be found on a shirt display with individual shirts characterized as “sporty” or “classic”. This helps the user navigate more effectively through the store and find what they are looking for faster. Our store provides an opportunity for men to define and enhance their unique styles while dressing the part for any occasion.

I brought The Parlor Room to life through branding, signage, and a real life display. The logo embodies the brand characteristic of the store: combining sophisticated elegance with modern style trends. The bow tie in the logo represents timeless luxury while the stitching represents the ever-changing trends of the fashion industry. The unity of these two concepts helped determine the direction of the rest of the graphics. Signage examples were created for “A Night Out” and reflect different articles deemed appropriate for the occasion. The display includes “step by step” placards which logically navigate a consumer from start to finish when outfit shopping and correlates to the numbers of the individual clothing signs. The example display helps the viewer experience a taste of The Parlor Room with dark wood tones and small accents throughout.


Creator + Designer